Monday, February 11, 2019

CALL24 - Wireless Callbox Systems

CALL24 has been tested and proven over and over for 23 years with great success in hospital, college, commercial, industrial, military base, and government facility settings. The level of security protection intensified, worker productivity improved, safer facilities established all by leveraging the use of the radio systems your customer currently have in place. Long range mobile communications and various power supply configurations deliver thousands in savings verses the high costs of installing hard-wired telephone units. Customer installations commonly include surface parking lots, garages, factory areas-of-rescue, first aid/wash stations, machinery, remote work zones, delivery, or gates. 

Some benefits include:

·        Highly visible all-weather reflective enclosures, easy to use.
·        Long range wireless reduces costs, coverage is easy to test.
·        Seamlessly integrates into Analog, Digital, and P25 radio systems.
·        Dispatch or Mobile two-way communications enabled within seconds.
·        Cost effective-easy to install, no phone line trenching or boring.
·        Flexible power options: 110-480 volts, dusk-to-dawn lights, or solar.
·        Rechargeable battery backup supply in every Call Box.

·        Relocation made easy as your customers grow.