Friday, August 18, 2017

No matter where you work, have confidence that your Motorola Solutions device has been tested for extreme conditions. Our intelligent design and testing process recreates the field conditions that you work in every day.

Monday, August 14, 2017

What you may need is here now 
In 5 minutes, learn what is happening in business dispatch today!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wireless Broadband Solutions Provided by RCS Communications
RCS Communications now offers Kentuckiana’s first and largest wide area digital radio network for your communications needs.
Your business can…
  • Monitor Pick Up and Drop Off times
  • Improve Driver Behavior
  • Monitor Routes
  • One to Many Voice Communications at the Push of a Button
  • Dispatch Drivers Quicker
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Monitor Speed
  • Communication Control
  • Insurance Costs could Decrease*
Actively Track your Fleets from your computer, tablet or smart phone.
Unlimited Talking, GPS Tracking and Texting for one low monthly price.
* Check with your insurance provider on possible discounts for GPS tracking your fleets.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Communicate Without Boundaries

Your network. Your team. Connected like never before. 

Unify team communications with WAVE OnCloud. 
Enable instant push-to-talk communications across workgroups on any number of networks, devices, apps, cities and facilities for enhanced safety, efficiency and productivity. 

Plus, enjoy easy set-up, predictable costs and a flexible subscription model.

Flexible Functionality

+++ Monitor multiple talkgroups and talk on any as needed. Crisp and clear audio ensures your communications are heard. 
+++ See the location of your talkgroup members. Call or message members directly from the map for fast and private communications. 
+++ Share important details with a group or an individual. Integrated text messaging offers a silent alternative to collaboration. 
+++ Enable seamless communication between radio and broadband and give each user the best device for their role and workplace.


Get Work Done Faster.

When it comes to speed, nothing is quicker than push-to-talk.
Communicate in an instant with one application that streamlines push-to-talk, text and location.
Simple Affordable Pricing.
Keep your costs predictable and low with easy subscription based pricing.
Easily add or remove users as your business needs change.
More Time Communicating.
Set-up in minutes with an easy-to-use portal.
Spend less time configuration and more time communicating.
Add your users, talkgroups, and start talking.
Communicate Without Boundaries.
Move easily between your radio and smartphone.
Streamline your communication using your existing devices and carriers.

WAVE OnCloud Brochure

Read how broadband push-to-talk with WAVE OnCloud can improve your bottom line.

WAVE Web Communicator

Data Sheet: Enable secure push-to-talk communication from a standard web browser 
from anywhere with an Internet connection.

WAVE OnCloud Overview

Video: Keep your mobile employees connected 
wherever they call work with WAVE OnCloud push-to-talk service.

Why should you maintain your equipment?

Two-way radio communication equipment can become an expensive purchase if you do not properly maintain all equipment. Having your radios and repeater serviced extends the life of your equipment. When your equipment works properly and is well maintained you will have a bigger return on investment. 

 If you have converted from analog to digital, you know the equipment is more advanced and has many new features. To maximize those features keep your equipment on a service agreement and speak with a specialists to schedule a quick training on maximizing your digital communications. From warranty wraps to maintenance our specialists can find a plan that is best for you and your facilities needs.

Value and Benefits of a Maintenance Program



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