Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Motorola and Vertex Standard have just announced their Intent-to-Cancel all FM-certified Intrinsically Safe two-way radios, effective December 2015.  

This deadline affects all Land Mobile Radio manufacturers and all Motorola and Vertex Standard professional radios that are certified Intrinsically Safe under the FM3610_88 standard.

Motorola and Vertex Standard are adapting their two-way radios to the UL-approved “TIA-4950 for Hazardous Location” standard. This new certification is similar to the previous FM3610_88 standard, and batteries have been available to the public since Q1 2015.

FM two-way radio options will be available only through the following dates:
Last date to order: December 15, 2015
Last date to ship: December 31, 2015
FM Safe Batteries and Accessories will still be available to purchase after December 2015.
Repair support will also be available at FM audited repair facilities.

If you have questions about how this may affect you, contact RCS Communications immediately for assistance.

Check back with us frequently, as more information becomes available, regarding this Intent-to-Cancel notice.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Who says technology can't be simple?
Vertex Standard has revolutionized the two-way radio industry with the North American release of their eVerge™ EVX-Link that allows users to connect from anywhere in the world! Utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) Connect technology, you can now talk with your colleagues from country to country- linking up to 32 sites!

How’s that for awesome?
All you need is a standard Ethernet connection and a power supply!

eVerge™ EVX-Link can be integrated into your existing onsite and repeater systems, too!

It’s simple, it’s powerful, and it’s available right now in Southern Indiana and North Central Kentucky!

RCS Communications Communication at your fingertips!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Digital Makes Two-Way Radios   Communications Better


Better Audio & Better Coverage

Have stronger signal further from your base with clear, crisp, accurate audio!

Call Management Capabilities 

Call who you need, when you need them!

From individuals to specific talk groups to everyone calls!

Reach your team in the field!

Text Messaging

Send Text to the radio from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.


Analog is a gossip. Digital is private to keeps your trade secrets a secret!

Call or click today to test out our wide range of digital two-way radios!!