Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Power of Team Communications for Mining

Mining Team Comms

With 90% of energy workers using multiple devices daily, connectivity and always-reliable networks are the trend for the future. Discover how the mining industry is bridging this gap: http://mts.so/784043

Monday, July 30, 2018

Improve School Communications

Discover how the staff from Fulton County Schools (GA) and Huntsville City Schools (AL) has improved responsiveness, communication networks and first responder protocols throughout their school districts. The panelists will also discuss how they have installed solutions beyond voice communications, including proactive video management and access control systems, to better manage active situations and protect their students and staff.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Have Your Own Match Day Trial

New radios supplied to Lincoln City FC

Written by: Philip Mason | Published:

Local radio dealer RF Lincs has rolled out a suite of 50 Kenwood TK-D340 DMR radios to Lincoln City Football Club, following a match day trial. The radios have been issued to different teams around the ground, including those involved in match-day parking, stewards, security and the medical team.
The devices have replaced the club’s previous fleet of PMR446 radios, which were not keeping up with the demands of the site, which has grown in recent years.

Speaking of the fully licensed digital radios’ performance, the club’s operations manager and safety officer Darren Curtis said: “We were able to put the Kenwood DMR radios to the test on what transpired to be a very busy match day to get a true idea of their performance and suitability.
“We tested coverage to the limit, from the most remote parts of the site to the inside of buildings. Apart from the ability to communicate to areas which were dead spots in the past, what really impressed us was the ease of use of the radios, the lone-worker features and exceptional clarity of audio, even in the extremely noisy environment of the stadium.”

The radios are used for voice communication, with some units programmed to listen only and teams communicating with each other on different channels. They feature a 2-slot/1-carrier digital air interface. They can be upgraded with the addition of TKR-D710/D810 repeaters to improve coverage outside of the main stadium.

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Motorola Solutions vs Hytera at the US International Trade Commission

Hytera appeals ITC ruling, speaks of “nuisance litigations”
Written by: Philip Mason | Published:
Radio manufacturer Hytera has filed a petition at the US International Trade Commission (ITC) requesting review of a ruling issued by the body on 3 July which upheld rival Motorola Solution’s complaint of patent infringement against the company.

In the complaint, Motorola alleged that Hytera is unlawfully importing and selling two-way radio equipment and systems, and related software and components that infringe four of Motorola Solutions’ patents.

As part of the initial determination, Judge Mary Joan McNamara found that all four of the remaining Motorola Solutions’ patents under consideration are valid, Hytera has infringed them, and Motorola Solutions met the legal requirement of showing a “technical domestic industry” on three of the four patents.

The news of Hytera’s appeal comes less than a day after the Regional Court of Mannheim ruled in favour of Motorola Solutions, in relation to a patent infringement complaint made against Hytera Mobilfunk in Germany.

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Motorola Solutions vs Hytera in Germany

German court rules in favour of Motorola over Hytera
Written by: Philip Mason | Published:
The Regional Court of Mannheim has ruled in favour of Motorola Solutions, in relation to a patent infringement complaint made against Hytera Mobilfunk in Germany.
According to a statement released by Motorola, the German court determined in the first instance that Hytera is infringing the former company’s patent EP 1 139 562 B1, related to “technology that improves the audio performance in two-way handheld radios and car radios.”
The court has subsequently granted an injunction against Hytera GmbH preventing it from using, selling, importing into or distributing the infringing products in Germany. The Mannheim Court also ordered the recall and destruction of the products in question previously sold by Hytera GmbH in Germany, and held Hytera GmbH liable for damages in a declaratory decision.
Speaking of the German verdict, Mark Hacker, general counsel and chief administrative officer of Motorola Solutions, said: “Today’s victory marks another milestone in our global efforts to hold Hytera accountable for its infringement of our patents and to preserve the integrity of our intellectual property.”

Mr. Hacker continued, “Motorola Solutions is the world’s leading provider of two-way radio equipment and systems, and innovation has been integral to our long history of success in a continuously evolving industry.

“We are proud of our growing and industry-leading portfolio of approximately 5,000 patents. The infringement demonstrated by Hytera creates an unfair playing field and threatens the industry’s ability to innovate. We will continue to take all necessary actions to stop Hytera’s illegal conduct and protect our intellectual property.”

The judgment may be appealed by Hytera GmbH, but is immediately enforceable upon Motorola Solutions’ posting of a required security. It is the first ruling against Hytera GmbH related to the EP 1 139 562 B1 patent, which up until this point Motorola has not asserted against Hytera anywhere else in the world.

When asked for comment, a spokesperson for Hytera responded: "Hytera disagrees with the finding of the Regional Court of Mannheim. We are reviewing the ruling and considering an appeal. In the meantime, however, Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH will suspend the sale of products that might be affected by the related injunction in Germany. Hytera continues to believe that our products do not infringe and that the patent asserted is invalid."

The spokesperson continued: "Hytera's dealers and customers benefit from a full range of high-quality, high-performance devices with functionality for a wide range of applications. Hytera will continue to develop and deliver innovative, high-quality professional mobile radio solutions to our dealers and customers in Germany and around the world."

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Great Things... Tiny Packages...

Who says great things don’t come in tiny packages? 

 At only 3.9oz, KENWOOD PKT-23 UHF two-way radio packs a big punch in a tiny pocket size radio! Check out the following features:
·        1.5 watt transmit power
·        4 channels
·        15 hours of operation
This small but powerful radio is simple to operate and durable, meeting or exceeding MIL-Spec standards 810 C/D/E/F/G (11 items) and IP54 (dust/water intrusion). Connect to the standard micro USB port to charge or use included charging cup, and plug KENWOOD headphones into the 3.5mm audio jack for hands free operation. Versatile, strong, and small - the PKT-23 is built business tough.
Perfect for a senior living facility, restaurant or even car wash! Serving your customers with discreet communications!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

School Safety Best Practices

Campus Safety Webcast
Missed our Campus Safety Webinar?

It's not too late to hear about critical lessons learned from Director of Security and Emergency Planning, Guy Grace.
Watch it on-demand http://mts.so/F02B24