Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Industrial Communications: Cranes

Crane Communications
Setcom configures systems specifically tailored for the many industrial and marine crane applications that exist. Whether you operate a gantry, mobile, overhead, railroad, deck, aerial, barge-based, tower, telescopic, or hammerhead crane, proper communications is critical for the safety of the operator and surrounding personnel and property.

OSHA Crane Communications Rules
With the completion of OSHA Final Rule 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC, crane operators are adapting and rethinking their communications procedures. Subpart CC requires "hands-free communication" for operators if radio communications are being used. In these situations, more sophisticated equipment must be used and this is where Setcom's gear plays a critical role in meeting the new Subpart CC. Devices such as a Setcom foot switch for keying a radio, help meet OSHA's requirements. 

While hand signals are permissible, in many situations under OSHA regulations, radio communications can be a much safer and effective form of communications when using a crane. In fact for gantry cranes, OSHA recommends the use of radio communications. An OSHA study found that radio communications while operating a gantry crane increased the productivity of the crane operator.

Setcom Crane Communications Solutions
  • LiberatorMAX: For communications between the crane operator and the signal person, the inexpensive and simple to use LiberatorMAX is ideal. The LiberatorMAX system is up and running 30 seconds after opening the box and allows for full-duplex communications and no requirement to push-to-talk (PTT) thus meeting the latest OSHA Subpart CC rule.
  • 900SP: Advanced single-person system for industrial vehicle and interior building applications.
  • Wireless System 977: For communications between more than two workers, the combination of the Liberator Wireless Headset and System 977 works well and has many advanced features including hands-free, full duplex and integration into mobile radios.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Bluetooth-enabled cell phone interface via Liberator Wireless Headset

Only Setcom offers an interface to your wireless headset and vehicle intercom system with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

Integration applications include:
- Adding cell phone capabilities to a mobile command center intercom system
- Communicating with non-traditional information sources while at industrial worksites

Direct Connection via Liberator Wireless Headset

Command Center on Your Head - Communicate with all important radio / audio devices with a single headset.

With the Liberator headset, you’re able to connect to:
- up to 3 mobile radios
- a portable radio
- a cell phone
- vehicle intercom system
- entertainment audio source plugged into System 950 intercom

• Easy to Use - Simply press a switch and you are connected to your cell phone in less than two seconds.

• Direct Connection to Mobile Phone - No interface box between the Liberator wireless headset and mobile phone.

• Hear Your Call - Let the 23dB noise attenuation of your Liberator headset reduce the background noise so you can effectively hear the caller on the other end.

• Only from Setcom - Only manufacturer to offer a direct connection to your wireless device from the Liberator wireless headset via the Bluetooth standard.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Setcom - LiberatorMAX

The LiberatorMAX is the most wireless team communications for the least cost.

Up to 8 Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Users
LiberatorMAX allows for up to 8 full-duplex intercom positions with an unlimited number of listen-only headsets. No push-to-talk (PTT) required.

8 Talk-Group Channels
LiberatorMAX features 8 separate talk-group channels:

  • You are able to seamlessly switch between groups and join a different conversation.
  • Allows crews to be given a dedicated channel when on-site to communicate with each other, without interfering with other group conversations.

Unlimited Applications
Example industries:
  • Crane operations
  • Construction sites
  • Directional drilling
  • Bucket truck
  • Asphalt paving
No Base or Installation Required = Cost Savings
LiberatorMAX is the most versatile and portable wireless system on the market today, requiring no installation or base station. Most cost effective system on the market.


CALL24 - Wireless Callbox Systems

CALL24 has been tested and proven over and over for 23 years with great success in hospital, college, commercial, industrial, military base, and government facility settings. The level of security protection intensified, worker productivity improved, safer facilities established all by leveraging the use of the radio systems your customer currently have in place. Long range mobile communications and various power supply configurations deliver thousands in savings verses the high costs of installing hard-wired telephone units. Customer installations commonly include surface parking lots, garages, factory areas-of-rescue, first aid/wash stations, machinery, remote work zones, delivery, or gates. 

Some benefits include:

·        Highly visible all-weather reflective enclosures, easy to use.
·        Long range wireless reduces costs, coverage is easy to test.
·        Seamlessly integrates into Analog, Digital, and P25 radio systems.
·        Dispatch or Mobile two-way communications enabled within seconds.
·        Cost effective-easy to install, no phone line trenching or boring.
·        Flexible power options: 110-480 volts, dusk-to-dawn lights, or solar.
·        Rechargeable battery backup supply in every Call Box.

·        Relocation made easy as your customers grow.