Wednesday, June 28, 2017

DEMS: Digital Evidence Management Solutions. Body Cameras and so much more...

DEMS: Digital Evidence Management Solution Overview Video.

Here are a few other use cases to consider that may be viable options for your customers.

1)  Fire Marshals: can use the Si500 device as an investigative tool for capturing evidence after a fire has occurred. These users typically work 8 hours shifts and do not require pre-buffering on their devices, therefore the battery life is a nonissue for these users. Fire Marshals go from one scene to capture evidence and writing reports. A 3-in-1 Si500 device means less equipment they need to carry to investigations, but even if they have XTS, the Si500 would still be a very useful evidence (video/photo/audio) gathering tool. Having end-to-end chain of custody is perfect for evidence that may be needed in court.
  • Here's a sample list of Fire Marshal responsibilities:
    • Inspection of buildings for compliance with local and state fire codes
    • Review of building plans, working with contractors and business owners in the areas of fire and life safety
    • Handling complaints and investigations concerning life safety violations
    • Enforcement of occupancy limits
Here is a list of other viable markets for the Si500 & DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Solutions):
2)  Public Schools: school security, school bus yards, on-board school buses, crossing guard
3)  Public Works: fresh/wastewater treatment plans, pumping stations/water tower inspections, etc.
4)  Dept of Transportation: major road construction projects
5)  Entertainment/Sporting Events: Concerts, festivals, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc.
6)  Airports/Airlines: security, vehicles on tarmac, on-board plane video, etc
7)  Army Corp of Engineers: major infrastructure inspections; i.e. buildings, bridges, etc
8)  Petro-Chem Plants: refinery security (BWC & In-Car), etc.

Cellular Signal Booster


            Again, Thank you for your time and assistance in resolving the cellular coverage issue at the production office. Attached is our solution that will provide cellular coverage into the building, primarily focused on the upstairs office, break room and locker room downstairs. This system will handle up to 100 simultaneous calls and will boost the cellular signal for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile & US Cellular.

            We will locate our primary receiver/transmitter in the communications closet upstairs and their will be a small dome antenna located in the 3 rooms mentioned above. Our usual delivery, testing and installation time is approximately 3-6 weeks from receipt of Purchase Order. With this being said, I have committed to you that we will place an expedite on your system to complete installation ASAP. Please review and advise with any additional questions or how you would like for us to proceed. Thank you for your continued business and support.


John Arthur Elder, III
RCS Communications

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Predatory Solicitations by Federal Licensing and Federal Licensing Management

June 6, 2017
About Federal Licensing, Inc. et al:
“Be Forewarned” Crosby Blog Series Promotes Common-Sense Awareness
A recent series of blog posts from Enterprise Wireless Alliance President Mark Crosby is intended to promote greater awareness about the predatory solicitations that members and their customers may receive from Federal Licensing, Inc., and its affiliated entity Federal License Management. The solicitations are designed to engender fear and create an illusion that the Federal Government is seeking an immediate response along with fee payments. Federal Licensing and Federal License Management warn of potential fines and license revocations which are pure fantasy, but unfortunately, not recognized as such from many unsuspecting recipients. Advise your customers that such solicitations are entirely bogus, responses are unnecessary, and that these solicitations should be read for amusement purposes only!

Each installment of the series addresses one ruse and provides clues on how to alert your customers that the solicitations are not being issued by the Federal Communications Commission. The blog posts provide critical insights, and EWA members are encouraged to download and distribute Crosby’s warnings to their customers for awareness and educational purposes. Highlights include:
  • For those who weren’t suspicious before should be by now as there is no longer an FCC Field Operations Bureau, and the FCC rules in their entirety are available by simply accessing the FCC’s web site," Crosby's Blog, April 5
  • Be forewarned and suspicious of relying on organizations for your licensing needs that use fear tactics and threats of FCC fines based on an antiquated, 25-year old FCC bulletin,” Crosby's Blog, April 28.
  • We issued warnings about materials sent to licensees from a supposed Modification Division, a Renewal/Modification Division, and a Publication Division, none of which, of course, have anything to do with the FCC, and in fact were created by Federal Licensing to resemble official government communications,” Crosby's Blog, May 24
Visit Crosby’s Blog” at EWA’s website to read the series.
If you receive solicitations, warnings, fee solicitations, documentation from Federal Licensing Inc or Federal Licensing Management, contact us at RCS Communications 502-587-7384 or