Thursday, May 31, 2018

Workplace Safety and Security

Safety is the key to preventing injuries and saving time. Implement the latest digital communication technology to keep employees out of harm's way.

Close the communication gap and improve the safety of your entire workforce with the right communication solutions for you.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mass Notification and Smart Siren Solutions

Tornado Season is in progress and hurricane season is beginning. Is your community prepared? Enable Mass Notification & Smart Siren Alerting for clear, reliable communication during any emergency.

What can you do today to ensure communities are always informed and safer tomorrow? Imagine being able to provide clear and reliable communication during any emergency situation, from severe weather to accidental man-made events.
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Friday, May 25, 2018

Your Current Communications Work Fine. But At What Cost?

Many communications solutions let you talk & text, share images & locations and send orders & safety alerts. The difference is that Team Communications from Motorola Solutions lets you do all of them from any device — in real time — at the press of a button. The precious time lost waiting for signals, connections and answers is over. Enter the NOW Generation and put instant Push-to-Communicate solutions with voice and data to work.

Discover A World Of Unified Communications Products

Connect your workforce with The Power of NOW instant Team Communications

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Every second is time lost

Without instant communications,
every second is time lost.

Nothing Is Faster Than
Right NOW In Unified Workgroup Communications

A leak needs immediate attention. Cargo is sent to the wrong location. A large group of hotel guests check in earlier than expected. When communications are slow, business slows. Push-to-Communicate with voice and data changes that by connecting people, applications and machines instantly for informed decisions and optimized operations. Here’s how:

Communicate Instantly…   Arm front-line and field workers with operations-critical radio products, built for professional and commercial split-second communications.

Without Boundaries…   On-site or off-site, management, frontline workers and field teams are always in touch with WAVE Work Group Communications.

With Added Intelligence...   Use purpose-built apps designed for specific jobs and responsibilities for immediate team mobilization.


Make team communications instant when it matters most

Communicate instantly.
Collaborate immediately.
That’s the Power of NOW.

Keeping up with business today means operating at the speed of NOW. From workers and teams to customers and vendors, that’s how fast things need to happen. Right now. Next generation devices and software only go so far. But when they’re NOW Generation, everything is instantly impacted by real-time Push-to-Communicate solutions.

One button. That is all it takes to connect your teams across your networks and devices — from two-way radios to smartphones, laptops and tablets. Once you start pushing voice, text, data, location coordinates, work order tickets and more, you can push productivity and collaboration to new heights. That is The Power of NOW from Motorola Solutions Team Communications.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Take School Security Seriously


Going beyond the critical 9-1-1 call, SchoolSAFE enables a two-way radio connection, allowing emergency services personnel and school officials to talk in real-time during and incident. 
Motorola Solutions and SchoolSAFE have teamed up to offer a solution that makes it possible for school-based radio systems to connect directly and securely with the radios used by first responders. Now, with training and our solution, SchoolSAFE Certified Ready school personnel are instantly connected to community police, fire, EMS and 9-1-1 call centers for reliable, secure, two-way communication during a crisis.
Over 230 SchoolSAFE installations have been completed to protect staff and students with SchoolSAFE. Is your communications system equipped for a crisis?
SchoolSAFE school safety communications

Public safety and schools: On the same wavelength
SchoolSAFE Communications is a web-enabled, two-way-radio-based product that allows for communications interoperability between school radio systems and public safety radio systems.

Public Safety and Schools
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Less than 4 minutes.

No one says you should not have better communications during an emergency.

Reliable features for crisis communication

The SchoolSAFE system, combined with Motorola's digital radios, delivers the reliable technology you need to create the enhanced safety for your school communication system.

Remote Activation

This powerful, yet easy-to-use activation/de-activation tool gives SchoolSAFE an IP address and access to both public safety and school data networks, so audio communications via radio frequencies are instantly available for rapid response. Full redundancy allows you to remotely activate your SchoolSAFE Network.

Radio-to-PA Connection

The dispatcher activates the bridge and connects directly to the school safety teams or district employees using radios. MOTOTRBO telemetry connects the radios to the PA system when needed. This is instrumental for safety team members, allowing them to make necessary announcements over the PA system anywhere in their building, directly from their radio.

Easy, One-Click Activation

With just the click of a button, SchoolSAFE opens the critical lines of communication between school personnel and first responders. School personnel use their radios to communicate directly with the first responders' P25 system when needed and remain under complete control by public safety authorities.

Comprehensive Training

The SchoolSAFE Training Program certifies school safety teams, including a full training about communicating effectively with first responders throughout the entirety of an incident. This training should be completed annually by the school safety teams and first responders to ensure everyone is "SchoolSAFE Certified Ready".

Be prepared. Be Safe.

Communicate in Real Time.
From the moment SchoolSAFE is activated, your staff can communicate with first responders in real-time. They are able to exchange important information while the first responder team is in transit and throughout the emergency response to ensure continuity and a constant stream of real-time communication.

Mobile Access
In a crisis, landlines and cell networks can be bogged down and unresponsive. Having a reliable two-way radio communication system keeps  the school radio user in touch with first responders at any given time.

Time-saving = Life-saving
Shaving minutes off response time with better communication can mean the difference between life and death for a student or school personnel.

Upgradable and Expandable
SchoolSAFE features a modular design that can grow or expand as radio systems change. You also have the option to add a second channel for daily use by school security and administrative personnel, optimizing your investment in a new set of radios so they can be used for day-to-day operations and also as standby for emergencies.

Installation and Training
SchoolSAFE handles all installation and training services to help ensure your equipment and staff are prepared and stay Certified Ready should an emergency situation arise.

All programming and equipment are fully compliant with FCC rules and regulations to satisfy licensing demands.

Free Grant Assistance

Looking for funding to improve school safety? The grant research and application process can be challenging to navigate. That's why we've partnered with the grant experts at They can help you find, prepare, and submit high-quality applications so you have the best chance of getting the funding your school communications.

The Evolution of Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Connect Teams Anywhere

Keep your teams connected and more productive with instant voice communication and data sharing that has no boundaries. Broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) brings immediacy and spontaneity to seamlessly connect different personnel together regardless of network, location or device used.
Extend Two-Way Radio to Broadband

Maximize coverage and connectivity with no limits.
Use Any Device – Any Network

Choose the right device and network for the role.
Enable MCPTT-Compliant Communication

Enhance delivery through Quality of Service (QoS), Priority and Preemption.
MCPTT = Mission Critical Push-To-Talk

The Evolution of Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Learn how Push-To-Talk has evolved from the early 20th century to today.

Explore Our Broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) Solutions

Unify communication between your devices on any network.
Carrier integrated, Mission-Critical PTT (MCPTT) compliant with 3GPP standards.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Motorola MotoTRBO Radios and WAVE Technology

Enable safe and productive learning with always-connected staff. Learn how the 2nd largest high school district in Illinois unified communications with MOTOTRBO radios and WAVE technology 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

RCS Communications Your Source

Connecting people, applications and machines seamlessly


Connecting people, applications and machines seamlessly.


Today, the power of unified communications is expanding beyond the traditional office space and into the commercial and industrial areas where the revenue generation for many enterprises actually takes place. Examine how Team Communications enable workers to connect instantly, without boundaries and with added intelligence. 



MOTOTRBO digital system is ideal for smaller and rural operations. MOTOTRBO delivers always available communications to help your teams work more efficiently and safely. With noise-cancelling technology and Intelligent Audio, MOTOTRBO monitors background noise and adjusts the speaker volume so field personnel don’t have to.


APX digital radios redefine safety and operate on the ASTRO® 25 network, the leading mission critical two-way radio platform used around the globe. From their ultra-rugged design to industry-leading audio, your teams can hear and be heard clearly over plant noise. APX radios perform in the toughest environments to help personnel work safely, together.


Always available, interoperable and future ready, ASTRO 25 is the leading mission critical network worldwide and the backbone of communications for larger-scale operations. Since ASTRO 25 is a dedicated system, it helps ensure voice and data is accessible to you and collaborating organizations during emergencies that may require peak demand.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Unified Communications Assessment

Where does your organization stand?
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Unified Communications

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Utilities: Callaway Electric Case Study

When 13,000 members rely on you to keep the lights on, real-time information is key. Discover how @CallawayElec amped up productivity in the field to restore service ASAP.  #utilities #electric

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Utilities: Callaway Electric Case Study