Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Tough is Your Facility?

If all facilities were built the same, you could use off the shelf “Walkie-Talkies” to communicate. But let’s get real. Industries have different demands. For instance a Delivery Company needs to communicate city wide. Manufacturing needs to communicate in loud dirty environments. HVAC needs to dispatch service techs quickly. 

What is the best two-way radio for your company? There are hundreds of variables when it comes to choosing a digital two-way radio system to meet the demands of your industry. 

First things first, do some research then call us. We can help.
Rent or Buy our flexibility helps you manage your companies.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Kenwood / EFJohnson / JVCKENWOOD

EFJohnson, the P25 specialist for JVCKENWOOD is focused on delivering the highest quality, cost effective P25 solutions that are smarter and simpler. Because when the mission is critical and every second counts, no one has time for complexities.

The recent consolidation of EFJohnson’s P25 portfolio under a single KENWOOD brand signifies the combination of two strengths – EFJohnson’s proven P25 design expertise and KENWOOD’s recognized quality and reliability. KENWOOD Viking® and TK radios are used throughout the world by military, police, fire, paramedics, and homeland security personnel.

Our radios have remarkable versatility because of their simultaneous interoperability with:
| P25 Phase 1
| P25 Phase 2 (TDMA)
| FM Analog
| APCO 16 Motorola SMARTNET®/SmartZone®

Our mission is to deliver a solution that you can count on. We’re proud to provide a 3-year warranty on all Kenwood subscriber units - proof of our quality-driven approach, our commitment to you and your critical communications.

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Kenwood Viking VP400 Portable Radio

The VP400 is the same high performance P25 public safety radio that our customers love, without the extra features required by larger departments. With a top display and best in the industry audio, the VP400 portable is a high performance, P25 radio. Viking radios offer smarter visual and audio features that make first- responder communications effortless.


  • Top display maximizes viewing while in hip holster
  • Back-lit displays with controllable settings to increase visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Equipped with multiple visual indicators including battery level and signal strength to check status at a glance
  • Ergonomic knobs for easier operation with gloves
  • Meets applicable MIL Standard 810G specs
  • Immersion rating (IP67)
  • High performance speaker provides 1W rated audio for loud and clear sound across various noise environments
  • State of the art AMBE+2 version 1.6 vocoder using TIA's latest standards
  • Single-protocol/digital mode capability
  • Up to 1024 channels
  • Industry-standard encryption capabilities: AES and DES-OFB
  • ARC4™ software encryption; compatible with ADP™
Single Protocol/Digital-Mode Capability
  • Motorola SMARTNET® II/SmartZone® protocol
--------------------------------------- OR -----------------------------------------------------
  • P25 Phase 1 trunked/conventional & P25 Phase 2 trunked
  • FM analog included, supports MDC-1200 & GE-Star signaling
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

national2way. Light-Weight and Heavy-Duty Headsets

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This could be your smallest, water submersible, digital portable radio!

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Safe Communication in Noisy Workplaces

The Ideal Solution

The new SM1P elevates Sensear’s portfolio of smart headsets by providing some new features and benefits to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency.  This new industrial headset offers a robust design adhering to higher noise reduction standards of up to 27dB NRR depending on the headset wearing style.  It’s upgraded Bluetooth® module allows for the streaming of audio to the headset, a valuable feature for users that listen to music during long work shifts in high-noise environments.  The headset uses Sensear’s SENS® technology to enhance speech and suppress noise while the noise-cancelling boom mic filters out background noises so that only speech is transmitted through the microphone.  

Here are just some of the many features and benefits that Sensear’s two way radio headset products have to offer:

  • Clear two way radio communication high-noise environments
  • Bluetooth cellular connection for conversation and audio streaming
  • Limit ‘in-ear’ noise exposure to 82 dB(A)
  • Compatible with industry leading two way radios via wired connection or Bluetooth
  • Improved Short Range with additional channel banks
  • Upgraded 24 hour battery life for use in multiple shifts
  • Available in headband, behind-the-neck, and helmet style
  • SENS® Technology - remain aware of surrounding noises and hazards
  • Enhances speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level (for face-to-face conversations) 
  • Noise-cancelling boom mic
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

RCS Saves You Money on Your MotoTRBO Investment

We’re continuing to deliver big savings in 2016. Make sure you take advantage of our special Q3 offers. Available July 3 through October 1, 2016, these promotions enable you to enjoy your incredible trade-in discounts on our Next-Generation MOTOTRBO XPR 7000e, SL 7000e and XPR 3000e radios, as well as rebates on our popular pagers and special financing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Operational Efficiencies with Seamless Communications

Manufacturing is back and booming after the U.S. recession. A renaissance is in full swing as plants around the country push their production capabilities and speed product to market. Even though 3 million jobs were lost when the economy tumbled, the manufacturing sector has recovered faster than the rest of the economy, creating 334,000 new jobs in 2 years.
Costs are down, productivity is up, and technology is becoming more automated and advanced. As the industry confronts these realities – and hires a new generation of workers with different skills and expectations – manufacturers must reinvent the way they create and innovate. 
The backbone of integrated plant communications is the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio platform. This complete, flexible and adaptable solution includes two-way digital radios, accessories, applications, systems and support services. MOTOTRBO interconnects personnel and equipment to help plants streamline production, automate processes, manage risk and respond to customers quickly. 
MOTOTRBO seamlessly integrates voice, data,text messaging and GPS to help resolve equipment issues and reduce unplanned downtime faster. Employees communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively, wherever they work. All while protecting their safety and enhancing overall productivity.