Friday, August 31, 2018

What Is One Minute Costing You?

Manufacturing Downtime Calculator
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Advances in manufacturing technology and data intelligence have greatly improved time to market, increased output and reduced operating costs. For manufacturers, this means you can do more with less, manufacturing and delivering goods at a speed unimaginable just 10 years ago. But the more dependent operations are on technology, the higher the risk of downtime. When deadlines and profitability are at stake, do you know what one minute of downtime is costing you?

 For each minute of unexpected downtime, your annual revenue can be severely impacted. The cost of downtime is different for every facility. But no matter the cost, unexpected downtime puts organizations in serious risk. In the moments where production lines are not moving, units are not produced and in turn are not sold, resulting profits lost.

 Your employees are your most valuable asset. Most manufacturing employees rely on machinery, networks and applications to do their job. In the event of unexpected downtime, employee productivity can come to a halt - but the cost associated with these employees remains fixed. The average worker loses 38 hours every year due to downtime, equivalent to a full work week where employees are paid with no output.

 When restoring operations requires repairs, downtime can be extended while the right message gets to the right people. Sometimes the right people are off site - at another facility, on vacation, or engaged in another project. What if the necessary materials are not onsite? What if the issue requires outside specialists to resolve? (The true cost of a machine breakdown has been estimated as between four to 15 times the maintenance costs.)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Power of Now... Team Communications


With Next Generation MOTOTRBO, you get double the capacity, outstanding audio clarity, twice the battery life and greater coverage. It's the essential foundation for a future powered by instant communications where teams can stay connected anytime, anywhere.

You'll see the difference MOTOTRBO makes to your communications immediately. Risk is reduced, productivity can improve, customers can be delighted with great service, and in the moments that matter most, Next Generation MOTOTRBO delivers. If you've been meaning to upgrade to the latest digital radio equipment, then there's never been a better time.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Motorola Solutions Software Provides Peak Performance

Why is it important to update your software and stay current?  Follow Linda Zerwin and John Lozar on what they value about Motorola Solutions software updates.

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Managed & Support Services

Complexity Managed.   Calm Prevails.
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people who work every day to overcome it.

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