Thursday, March 29, 2018

Digital Two-Way Radio or a Smart Phone?

Top 6 reasons a digital two-way radio is a better tool
for your facility than a smart phone.

Durability. Have you or your teenager ever dropped your smart phone? If yes, you know the result, shattered screen that is sometimes usable and sometimes you need to replace. Hope you purchased insurance! Two-way radios are durable and can still work flawlessly even if dropped or thrown!

Loudness. Can you hear me? Even with volume to the max on a cell phone, try to hear a conversation outside with just a breeze. Better yet try having a conversation next to one of the machines inside your facility.

Elements.  Working outdoors or around liquids? Don’t get your smart phone wet. Two-way radios are water resistant and can even be submerged in water! Even with water resistance, you still don’t want to drop into a toilet. EWWW!

Give orders once.  You need your entire crew to hear the directions, one push of a button and they can hear it! Who has time to call 10 people these days?

Fat fingers or work gloves? No problem. Two-way radio is easy to use. Buttons are big; its light weight at you can keep your gloves on!

Cost. Well, you will actually save money. Investing in a digital two-way radio that will last 8- 12 years is better than re-purchasing a smart for every 12-24 months. 

If you want to see how a digital two-way radio will work for your facility,
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