Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stoughton Area School District Case Study

Stoughton Area School District Case Study
Improved Communications = Improved Safety & Security. Find out how Wisconsin’s Stoughton Area School District is using the latest digital tech to enhance the safety of students and staff

School Safety Communications K-12 Education Quiz

School Safety Communications K-12 Education Quiz
Does your school make the grade? The 1st step in keeping your students and staff safe is knowing where you stand today. Take this quiz to get your #SchoolSafety Communications Score #K12 #Education

Friday, April 20, 2018

Si500 Video Speaker Microphone. Capture. Communicate. Protect. All in one.

With the recent explosion in video evidence, it’s critical that you have a smart, secure way to manage it. Court cases and lives hang in the balance. There’s simply no margin for error.
The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone is part of our complete solution for capturing, storing, analyzing and sharing crucial video evidence. It combines a body-worn camera, remote speaker microphone and smart interface in a single device. Call it an all-in-one solution or a trusted partner. It’s a device you can depend on in the moments that matter.

With a hi-res video camera and five microphones, you can capture all the evidence you need. Record video clips and still images, witness and suspect interviews, and even audio notes about an incident. Count on mission-critical features like the adaptive audio engine that delivers loud and clear audio in any wearing position. Enjoy an intuitive touchscreen and advanced ergonomics that make it easy to operate even with gloves on or in wet conditions.

The Si500 has a 210° articulating camera, which is more flexible than most body-worn cameras. No matter what your size or uniform type, there’s a comfortable way to wear it without compromising the field of view. Designed to survive tough conditions ranging from water submersion to accidental drops, the Si500 can withstand whatever punishment the job dishes out. Because in a chase, the last thing you should be thinking about is your equipment.

At Motorola Solutions, we’ve dedicated ourselves to working with public safety and law enforcement agencies. For over 85 years, people around the world have relied on us for mission-critical communications. That’s why the Si500 is more than just a camera. It’s a partner that won’t let you down.

Capture Mobile Camera App

Is your team ready to make the case?

Cases can evolve in a matter of minutes. Your team's success at catching criminals is dependent on being able to secure the proof that puts them behind bars, no matter where it is. So why struggle with delayed capture of the audio, video and images you need when time is of the essence?

Read the Product Spec Sheet.

Equip everyone to investigate

Rather than risk evidence being lost, capture images, video and audio with a simple to use smartphone application that makes preserving proof in the field as easy as saving a memory of your pet at home.
Key Capabilities:
  • Robust multimedia evidence capture
  • Advanced camera controls

Stay in the streets, not the station

Keep the burden of management to a minimum with metadata automatically added to evidence and on-device tagging. Content is then uploaded to CommandCentral Vault for easy, immediate use.
Key Capabilities:
  • Metadata population and tagging
  • Flexible, secure upload
Don't sweat the security
All evidentiary data is isolated from personal data making it inaccessible for tampering by other apps. Chain of custody is also established at the moment of capture so you never need to subpoena devices.

Key Capabilities:

  • Application isolation
  • Uncompromised chain of custody

 Deliver timely, indisputable truth

The Capture App seamlessly and securely integrates with CommandCentral Vault, just like the rest of our camera portfolio, so you can consolidate all of your digital evidence and management workflows into a single, end-to-end experience.
Learn more about CommandCentral Vault.

Sr600 In-Car Police Video Camera

Everyone knows the value of in-car dash cameras: capturing the story of how an everyday traffic stop turned into a police officer’s fight for survival. But so often we only see half the picture. Which way did the suspect run? What was going on in the back of the vehicle? When did the trooper draw his weapon?
That’s why Motorola Solutions has introduced the Sr600. This innovative in-car video camera has a full 360-degree view to capture the whole situation: From the road ahead to the car’s back seat, and everywhere in between.
It’s a complete solution, combining a single-lens wide view camera with dual microphones, remote triggering, built-in storage and a secure Wi-Fi upload capability. And with only a single-wire installation, it’s simple and economical to equip all your vehicles with 360-degree video coverage.
Built around a core of CJIS-compliant security, the Sr600 captures evidence-quality video and audio recordings. Video evidence is securely uploaded to CommandCentral Vault over secure Wi-Fi, where it can be stored and managed together with all your body camera evidence.
If you want the big picture, you need the Sr600.

Sr600 Complete Coverage In-Car Video System Spec Sheet.
Sr600 In-Car Video Camera and Windshield Mount Camera Base. Quick Start Guide.