Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Business Dispatch!!!

CPN Trac from RCS Communications

RCS team attending IWCE to learn about product offerings that could benefit customers. While there, they partnered with Codan Radio Communications on the Transportable P25 Trunking solution. This state of the art P25 Digital Trunked Radio functionality in a transportable package is based on the industry leading MT-4E Series of robust modular LMR infrastructure.
Trunked radio infrastructure is an advanced geographically fixed radio system infrastructure that uses computer systems to automate the management of communication traffic with in the radio system. There are significant advantages to the use of a trunked system over a conventional system.
For more information on the transportable P25 Trunking solution contact your RCS Representative or our support team at 1-800-767-7384

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Drive Business Further by Delivering on the Promise

You can increase safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction with integrated communication solutions.Your team can interact safely and productively in the field with MotoTrbo XPR Digital Radios.We understand the realities of logistics and delivery, and constantly innovate communication solutions that respond to your challenges. The clear, reliable audio and advanced data capabilities of MotoTRBO XPR series of radios keep your personnel productive and safely connected over a wider area, on the road or in the warehouse, without interference or distracting static.Personnel and fleet tracking applications help you keep track of people and locations. You can receive status updates with real-time data applications. Hands-free accessories with integrated Bluetooth® let your vehicle operators communicate without distractions or wires in the way. The long range wireless mobile microphone enables them to step away from the vehicle up to 328 feet and stay connected.

CPN Trac from RCS Communications

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