We Can SUPPORT, MAINTAIN, AID and ASSIST YOU with YOUR Communications

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Looking at how the folks in your company communicate throughout the day and if you could create the perfect communications system(s) for them, what would that include? What would you want your communications system(s) to accomplish for you and your people?

Two-Way radios are no longer the radios of a few short years ago. Whether you need coverage at only one facility or at multiple facilities, we can help. If you have personnel and vehicles in the field and need wide area coverage, we can help. One of our experienced and knowledgeable representatives can stop by, discuss your needs and show you what is available in the new world of two way radios. No obligation. Which type of radio system would you be interested in exploring?

On-Site (Single Location)

On-Site (Multiple Locations)

Wide Area (Talk, Text, Track, Dispatch)

We Can SUPPORT, MAINTAIN, AID and ASSIST YOU with YOUR Communications. What would you like to discuss?

Radio Repair

Radio Replacement

Radio Rental

System Optimization

Antenna for Handheld Radio

Antenna for Mobile Radio

Belt Clip for Handheld Radio

Battery for Handheld Radio

Charger for Handheld Radio

Carry Case for Handheld Radio

Headset for Handheld Radio

Headset for Mobile Radio

Ear Pieces

Microphone for Handheld Radio

Microphone for Mobile Radio

Public Safety Entities have special needs. How can we help you?

Dispatch Consoles

Dispatch Furniture

Logging and Recording

Enhanced 911

Network Timing

Lights - Sirens - Accessories


We have been a leader in wireless communications since 1952 and offer many ancillary services. Let us know what we can do for you.

Service Plans - Managed Services

Tower Site Rental

Engineering Services

Installation Services

IT Services

Project Management Services

Wireless Data


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