Monday, August 31, 2015

The VIP you've been trying to reach has graciously agreed to meet with you in an hour. Now, the meeting is fast approaching, and you've almost gathered enough information to dazzle him. So, you turn to the trusty Internet for help. But for some reason you can't access the Internet. How were you supposed to know the introductory price would include dial-up speeds? Now, you are forced to wait for every... single... page... to... load...  Finally, you throw your hands up in frustration! You'll just go in the meeting with what you have and hope Mr. VIP likes you more for your personal charisma than your know-how. 

What else could you have done?

Cambium Networks™ developed a series of WiFi products to connect the unconnected for businesses big and small. Their emphasis on highly integrated routers, along with their cutting-edge software, unleashes the beast in any business. Network, troubleshoot, and manage your network with ease even from remote locations.

  • cnPilot™ Home & Small Business

For the small businesses and at-homes 

  • cnPilot™ Indoor

For small to medium sized businesses 

  • cnPilot™ Outdoor

For municipal, government, and industrial entities

  • cnMaestro™

Powerful cloud-management software

RCS Communications has cnPilot products for those who need a fast, reliable Internet solution for their business of any size. Contact us today and speak with a real, live representative!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The most life-changing event of our lifetime has just happened

Presenting... the new and improved RCS Communications website! Yay!!! 

(Disclaimer:  Yeah, we're drooling over it, too.)

Feast your eyes on this: 

RCS Communications

Thursday, August 6, 2015

We SENSEARally want you to HEAR this!

“What?! I can’t hear you! The machine is too loud!”

Ever find yourself struggling to understand your workers over the thundering noises around you? You’re not alone. This deafening problem is what Sensear heard loud and clear. They've developed a complete line of noise-reducing headsets and earpieces for those who work in ear-splitting environments.

But, where do you begin? First, you can start by reading Justin Genest's article, How to improve communications and operator experience in heavy equipment environments. Here you get background information, visual diagrams, and more.

Next, the problem then is, how can you apply all this knowledge with identifying real-life symptoms in your crew members? John Dalessio's article Overview:Signs of Hearing Loss in Your Employees, and What You Can Do gives you excellent tips on how to spot them!

And, finally, the easiest thing to do is ask your RCS Communications representative today to get your EARS on the Sensear equipment that's right for you!

 Follow RCS Communications, as we upgrade your conversation- and your knowledge- one frequency at a time!