Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Bluetooth-enabled cell phone interface via Liberator Wireless Headset

Only Setcom offers an interface to your wireless headset and vehicle intercom system with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

Integration applications include:
- Adding cell phone capabilities to a mobile command center intercom system
- Communicating with non-traditional information sources while at industrial worksites

Direct Connection via Liberator Wireless Headset

Command Center on Your Head - Communicate with all important radio / audio devices with a single headset.

With the Liberator headset, you’re able to connect to:
- up to 3 mobile radios
- a portable radio
- a cell phone
- vehicle intercom system
- entertainment audio source plugged into System 950 intercom

• Easy to Use - Simply press a switch and you are connected to your cell phone in less than two seconds.

• Direct Connection to Mobile Phone - No interface box between the Liberator wireless headset and mobile phone.

• Hear Your Call - Let the 23dB noise attenuation of your Liberator headset reduce the background noise so you can effectively hear the caller on the other end.

• Only from Setcom - Only manufacturer to offer a direct connection to your wireless device from the Liberator wireless headset via the Bluetooth standard.