Motorola vs Hytera.

Motorola Solutions PR Announcement 1/16/19:

On January 16, 2019, we announced that the U.S. International
Trade Commission’s importation ban and cease-and-desist orders
related to certain Hytera products are now in effect.

The attached PDF also discusses the details on banned products and patent infringement detail as it relates to key impacted features.  The removal of these features will impact subscriber performance in these key performance areas.  

The ITC also rejected Hytera’s request for a repair and service exception, meaning that neither Hytera nor any third-party repair provider will be able to import replacement parts or perform any sort of service for infringing products imported or sold before January 16, 2019.

Please share this detail across your teams and with customers as needed.  I am seeing Hytera customers reaching out to discuss support concerns and  dissatisfaction with their current systems, which are presenting renwed opportunities for us to help them.


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