Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Industrial Internet of Things

Unlock Intelligence Across Your Operations
Realize the limitless possibilities that are unlocked when you connect equipment, infrastructure, and people and leverage those connections across secure, reliable and expandable networks.

Take the interactive tour and discover how your water and wastewater operations can maximize productivity and safety with the Motorola Solutions' Industrial Internet of Things.
Watch the Two Minute Video:

What can you do today to reduce water shortage estimates tomorrow?
Imagine being able to continuously monitor and control every operation at water and wastewater facilities; you could promptly detect and resolve any problem and be automatically alerted of any malfunction or unauthorized use for fast and efficient response. Our Industrial IoT solutions can help you achieve these goals and a lot more.

What can you do today to ensure communities are always informed and safer tomorrow? Imagine being able to provide clear and reliable communication during any emergency situation, from severe weather to accidental man-made events. Our Industrial IoT solutions can help you achieve these goals and a lot more - save time, cut costs, add efficiency, and catch common issues before they become even larger more expensive problems.

Community Emergency Warning Solution
As a dangerous storm quickly approaches a community, who is responsible for keeping everyone safe? A Community Warning Solution is designed to give you complete control and remote monitoring capabilities of your community-wide siren activation system. Provide clear and reliable communication during any emergency situation. From natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis to even malicious or accidental human initiated events, our community warning solution helps to ensure everyone is made aware to take shelter immediately. Our solution leverages the robust and highly secured communication capabilities of the ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit to perform monitoring and activation of your community-wide alerting and notification systems.

Industrial Emergency Warning Solution

On March 28, 1979, the United States experienced the worst nuclear accident in its history at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania. In the wake of the accident, a presidential commission found the need to greatly improve evacuation procedures during a state of disaster.

Industrial warning systems are essential to notify employees and personnel within a certain radius of emergency situations. Communicate immediate actions needed to minimize the risk and loss of property, ensuring the safety of employees and neighboring communities. The Industrial Emergency Warning Solution leverages the highly secure ACE3600 RTU for complete control and remote monitoring of your siren activation system.

Cyber Resilience for Your Emergency
Warning System

Cyber breaches are the reality of the world we live in today. With over 4,886 cyber-attacks occurring per hour, do not become another statistic of cyber-attacks - the security measures you took yesterday may not be right for tomorrow’s cyber assault. Increasing cyber threats require a more continuous, end-to-end approach for protecting your critical communication environment. Motorola IIoT Solutions are complete with Secure and encrypted communications. This minimizes the possibility of false alarms or intrusion, keeping citizens’ dependency on local siren alerting systems strong.