Saturday, October 11, 2014

RCS Communications and the world of RFID for you

Motorola's RFID solutions enable you to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain. With real-time tracking information, you'll always know where your critical business assets are.

RFID Readers

From the warehouse and loading dock to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, our fixed, mobile and handheld RFID readers help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets.


High-performance and consumable tags designed for every type of application, from harsh environments to product transport.

RFID Reader Antennas

In combination with Motorola’s fixed readers, these efficient antennas deliver high-throughput, high capacity communication, enabling organizations to capture, move and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity.

RFID Accessories

Increase your competitive advantage in your supply chain with RFID accessories from Motorola.

  • Batteries and Battery Accessories
  • Cables for Mobile and Handheld Readers
  • Carry Accessories
  • Chargers
  • Cradles
  • Headsets
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Power Supplies
  • Protection Accessories
  • Snap-ons
  • Stylus

RFID Industry Solutions

You can also learn about RFID solutions by industry and application on Motorola's Business Solutions pages.

  • RFID Retail Solutions
  • RFID Distribution and Warehouse Solutions
  • RFID Manufacturing Solutions
  • RFID Asset Management Solutions
  • RFID Government Solutions
  • RFID Transportation Solutions
  • RFID for Energy and Utilities

    Everything you need to get the most out of RFID in your business...

    When you choose Motorola for your RFID solution, you choose a true ‘one stop shop’,
    offering 80 years of industry leadership, the broadest RFID portfolio, the most tested and
    proven RFID readers, plus performance that consistently sets the industry benchmark. In
    addition, our RFID solutions complement Motorola’s broader enterprise mobility portfolio of
    radio communication devices, wireless infrastructure, data capture and mobile computing
    products. Now, you can deliver the information each and every one of your workers needs to automate manual processes, improve efficiency and increase task accuracy. The result? Your employees will work faster and smarter. You’ll get more value out of your RFID data. And you’ll enjoy a faster return on your RFID solution.
    The industry’s broadest portfolio of RFID readers

    Motorola’s RFID products help companies and organizations increase visibility through automation and allow them to efficiently manage their operations. And, no matter
    where you want to deploy RFID, we have a reader for your application. Only Motorola offers a business and industrial line of fixed, mobile, handheld and hands-free
    RFID readers that can meet the needs of most any environment — from the carpeted office space to the retail sales floor, the warehouse, the production line
    and even the dock doors. Our fixed readers completely automate the capture of inventory information. Our handheld readers allow workers to locate a specific
    asset, quickly and easily. And our mobile readers enable rapid and cost-effective on-demand inventory takes.

    Tested and field proven best-in-class solutions

    Motorola has more fixed, handheld and portal RFI systems installed than any other RFID provider, soyou get the peace of mind that comes from choosingRFID products that are
    well-tested in practically every Industry — including warehousing, retail, transportation
    and logistics, manufacturing, government, aviation, energy and utilities. And when you choose Motorola, you get access to our industry-leading, world-class
    partner network so you can get your RFID solution up and running rapidly, reducing deployment time and cost and allowing you to begin reaping the benefits of RFID
    faster, for a faster return on investment.

    A long history of innovative technology, industry firsts and
    a wealth of real-world experience in your industry

    When you choose Motorola, you get leading edge RFID technology. We hold over 300 RFID technology patents that have allowed us to deliver many industry firsts — including the first EPC RFID handheld reader, the first EPC RFID portal system and the first EPC RFID mobile reader. And when it comes to experience, Motorola is unsurpassed. We’ve spent decades deploying some of the world’s largest and most successful RFID implementations
    in some of the world’s largest companies.