Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Firecom new Digital Intercom
now available in quantity
Firecom is now shipping its new Series 5000D digital intercoms in quantity to OEMs and dealers. The 5x00D intercoms are by far the most advanced on the market and replace all previous Firecom 30xx intercoms. The 5x00D intercoms can be directly substituted to provide all the additional functionality you are asking for:

"Future-proof" communication capability
Handles any future radio and aux combo
Supports up to 4 radios and aux devices
Simulcast and monitoring for local interoperability
"Plug-and-play" with existing Firecom intercoms, headsets and radios
Preserves customer equipment investment and installation while upgrading
Full digital operation
Clear audio; full front panel control and adjustment
Weatherproof remote control head
Complete comms. control wherever needed
ComCare extended support
Up to 5 years of "no-hassle" support and service